Volkan Konak


13 March, 2014

Main Theatre / Pop-Rock

2003 Kral Tv Best Folk Music Singer Award
2004 Magazine Journalists Best Singer Award
2009 Mimosa Album Golden Record Award
2010 16th Kral Tv Best Turkish Folk Music Special Award
2010 37th Golden Butterfly Best Turkish Folk Music Male Soloist Award
2010 Mimoza Album Platinum Record Award (Best Selling Album of Turkey Award)
2011 TRT Music Awards Best Turkish Folk Music Male Singer Award

The tender tunes from the ceaselessly undulating waters; the tough yet sensitive child of the Black Sea…

Volkan Konak gained recognition for his sincerity, his magnificent performances on the stage, and his boundless talent for musical interpretation.

The singer, who devoted himself to music at a very early age, released his breakthrough album "Suların Horon Yeri", a comprehensive compilation of his many performances across the Black Sea Region, in 1987.

Viewing music as a driving force in his life, the singer married the traditional Black Sea melodies of his youth with more contemporary styles, and did so straying from his musical origins.

He has garnered multiple awards for his albums "Şimal Rüzgarı", "Maranda", "Mora", "Mimoza" and "Lifor", each of which contain many unforgettable songs.

The delightful music of Volkan Konak will transport you to the beautiful Black Sea coast. Don't miss this special performance at the PSM.


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