Sir James Galway


16 January, 2014

Drama Stage / Classical

Flute: Lady Jeanne Galway
Piano: Michael McHale


Antonin Dvorak- Sonatina for Flute and Piano Op. 100 (with James Galway's arrangement)
C. Saint Saens – Romance Op. 37
C. Saint Saens – Airs De Ballet D'Ascanio
Ph. Gaubert –Sonata n° 3 for Flute and Piano

Hamilton Harty - In Ireland Fantasy
D. Overton - Four Irish Folk Songs
Franz & Karl Doppler - Rigoletto Fantasie for Two Flutes, Op. 38 (with the accompaniment of Lady Galway)
Francesco Morlacchi - Il Pastore Svizzero

Recording Academy's President's Merit Award... Classic Brits Lifetime Achievement Award... Numerous gold and platinum CDs, and number of album sales more than 30 millions.

Sir Galway, the "Man with the golden flute", is abrilliant flute virtuoso who overcomes all boundaries of music with his art. His recent work includes contributions to the music of the Oscar winning film trilogy of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings.

Ireland's Sir James Galway, who enchants and brings harmony with the notes that emanate from his golden flute, is adored by millions of people worldwide. His unforgettable stage shows combine classical music with the Irish folk songs of his heritage.

Through Sir Galway's magic lips, one can hear the masterwork interpretations of Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart. The artist also performs new flute arrangements of modern composers. He has shared the stage with renowned contemporary artists including Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, John Denver, Elton John, Ray Charles and Andrea Bocelli.

This living legend of music will perform for the music lovers of Istanbul. Additionally, Sir James Galway, will demonstrate his flute techniques and his approach of music to four aspiring flute playershe will choose for a once-in-a-lifetime master classe prior to his concert in the Performing Arts Center. To apply for a chance at this incredible opportunity, send an email to


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